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A Church on a Mission

In the April newsletter, I introduced the newly developed mission statement that our leadership will use to guide decisions, to focus efforts and to build momentum for ministry in the coming years:

OUR MISSION: To join God’s work by reaching, discipling and equipping people to courageously and authentically live out God’s Word in Brooklyn Park and beyond.

One of the most important aspects of our mission statement is to recognize that this isn’t about dreaming up something to accomplish on our own initiative or power. Instead, this is about joining the work that God is already doing in our neighborhood, in our city and in the world. Clearly, in order to join in that work, we first need to discern what God is doing, and then hear God’s invitations to the part he desires us to play in this shared work.

Redeemer’s leadership has dived into this process of listening, discerning and planning, and we’re excited about our congregation’s ministry and opportunities ahead, particularly in the next couple of years. We are working on two-year goals in each of five important ministry areas: worship, our building/facility, discipleship across all ages and all stages of faith, community impact (helping meet a significant community need), and developing an increasingly loving, welcoming culture within our congregation.

This fall, we’ll be engaging in two sermon series built around these themes. In September, we’ll take a deep dive into our mission statement, exploring together how we can join God’s work in reaching, discipling and equipping those who are already here with us, and those whom God would have us invite to join us. Together, we’ll discover how all of these efforts can help us encourage one another to embody the Bible’s call to courageous, authentic life.

Our second series, beginning in October, will focus on each of our five “ministry declarations” (worship, building, discipleship, community impact and culture), as we examine the biblical foundation and guidance for each, as I share my own enthusiasm about God’s call to us in each of these areas, and as you hear about opportunities to get involved. Our prayer is that by the end of 2021, by God’s grace and through concerted effort, we will see and celebrate significant growth and progress in each of these five ministry areas.

I’m thankful that the mission to which God has called us is far too large for any one person to undertake, and too large even for an entire congregation to tackle apart from God. Certainly, we could try, but as we are reminded in the Psalms:

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain. (Psalm 127:1)

Solomon, the author of this psalm, knew what it took to undertake an ambitious project, as he oversaw the building of a glorious temple that would stand for centuries. He also understood that all the effort in the world could be in vain if God himself is not behind and empowering the undertaking. By joining God in the work he’s already doing, by responding faithfully to the call that God has given us, and by prayerfully relying on our faithful God every step of the way, we trust that God will give us numerous opportunities to glorify him in the years ahead, and to stand in awe and joy as we see God’s work and goodness before our very eyes.

With you in mission,

Pastor Ben