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I Thank God for You!

I find myself particularly thankful as I write this article. Not only is this the week of Thanksgiving (which our family will have the opportunity to celebrate by visiting a lot of our family out in Massachusetts), but we’re also nearing the end of 2017, which is my first full year of being blessed to serve at Redeemer. It’s a time of thankfulness, indeed!

The Apostle Paul wrote to his friend, Philemon: “I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers” (Philemon 4). Although Paul’s context and mine are quite different, this captures my sentiment exactly when I think of my brothers and sisters and co-laborers here at Redeemer. Here are just a few of the MANY reasons I thank God for you:

I thank God for those who served so faithfully on our Leadership, Elder and ministry teams this year. Our congregation is led and served by a truly faithful, committed group of people who want the best for us as a body and for each of us as individuals. I thank God for those whose terms are ending as the calendar runs out, and for those who have said “Yes!” to serving in 2018, either as continuing or new members. Please pray for these newly-configured teams in the new year.

I thank God for our staff, who bring an incredible variety of gifts, passions, skills and perspectives to our shared ministry and mission. They are a fun, inspired, inspiring group to work with, and I so appreciate their desire to continue to improve, focus and expand our impact as a congregation. They do a great job in the many areas where they serve, most of them on a part-time basis. Please be in prayer for these wonderful folks, as well.

I thank God for our dedicated volunteers, who truly make our ministries possible. Although we rely on the Holy Spirit to accomplish anything worthwhile, it’s the hard work and passion of our volunteers that is the demonstration of the Spirit’s work being accomplished in their lives and through their lives. The humility and joy with which our volunteers serve is commendable, and I’m so thankful that rarely a day goes by when there isn’t someone in the church building serving in some way.

I thank God for the opportunities he’s given us as a congregation, to serve individuals and families within our walls and beyond our doors, to glorify God through our worship, and to share the love of Jesus with those near and far. I thank God for the mission and ministry partners we have, for the opportunities we have to support and encourage them, and for the blessing of how they teach us, stretch us, and invite us to join them in prayer and, when possible, through hands-on collaboration.

And, I thank God for you, the members and friends of Redeemer Covenant Church. I’ve heard it said by more than a few long-time members at Redeemer that there is a certain, palpable excitement and enthusiasm in the air these days, that surfaces in our worship services, in our meetings, and as we gather to serve together. THANK YOU for your commitment, your prayers, and your willingness to give and to serve sacrificially in so many ways. Thank you for welcoming me and my family, and for your support as we all head together into 2018. God is at work, and there will continue to be MANY opportunities to give him thanks in the year and years ahead!

Pastor Ben