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Our Thanksgiving Prayer

as led by Pastor Dan Thompson

from Worship Service on November 20, 2022

O heavenly Father, we come before you, thanking you for being our God and our King. Lord, we praise you for all that you have done and that you are in the midst of doing and, praise God, you will do. Lord, we can rest and trust in your supreme sovereign grace.

May the distractions and the discouragements and the rebellions in our world not take our eyes off you. But, Lord, help us to follow you, to trust you, and to re-double our efforts to serve you in this world.

Lord, we thank you for all that you have done for us, for your kindness and goodness in our lives and in our redemption. You have brought forth your Son Jesus into the world so that we could be redeemed. His blood was shed, he was buried and, praise God, you raised him from the dead so that we could have life in your name. So, Lord, we thank you for this.

We thank you for your ongoing care for our lives, that you watch over us, you provide food for us to eat, shelter for us to live in, and clothes to wear. You give us employment. And you give us friends and family. We thank you for all these things. They are gifts from you and, Lord, we want to be grateful in them.

May we be a people, as we are grateful for them, Lord, who use these to serve you, not to let it stop with us but to bless others as well. As we on Thursday celebrate Thanksgiving, may we be a people, individually and corporately, who are truly thankful for all that you have done and who you are.

Thank you for this church, Redeemer Covenant. Lord, we thank you for all that make up its ministry. We thank you for giving us leaders and giving us what we need to serve you. And we want to say thank you and offer it as a continuous sacrifice offering to you, because it’s your church and we are your people. So use us, Lord, as we go forward as a people who are filled with joy, who are grateful for all you’ve done, who live to serve and proclaim the matchless wonderful name of Jesus Christ.

So, Father, we say thank you for who you are and what you’ve done. We are grateful that we can celebrate in this country that you’ve given us. We give you thanks, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen.