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Redeemer Ministry Teams and You!

An Important Message from the Leadership Team to the Redeemer Congregation
(as published in the June 2017 church newsletter)

What has God equipped you to do and where is he leading you to serve? That question sums up the concluding item that was explored at the April 23 congregational Annual Meeting – Ministry Teams at Redeemer!

The use of spiritual gifts and God-given talents/skills is vital to the ministry of Redeemer and to the overall advancement of God’s Kingdom. To that end, the Leadership Team has been giving increased attention to Ministry Teams this year. There are two main facets to this venture that we have pursued:

  • The defining of Ministry Areas along with the need to clarify communication channels and areas of responsibility amongst the leadership and ministry staff
  • Spreading the word about areas of need and how people at Redeemer can connect with and join in with a given Ministry Team

At the Annual Meeting the leadership presented an updated flow chart that shows how the Leadership Team and staff connect to the major Ministry Areas of Redeemer. This chart represents the collaboration of the Leadership Team with the ministry staff to tap into the ministry strengths and interests that exist within the leadership.

Second, it is vital that we communicate and tap into the gifts, abilities, and interests of the people at Redeemer. To that end, we urge you to review the chart and prayerfully consider where the Lord may be leading you to get involved. There are a host of events, activities, and opportunities that exist under the umbrella of Ministry Teams at our church. We invite EACH PERSON to explore where you might best fit in. To do so, we encourage a two-step approach:

  1. Prayerfully review the overall Ministry Area chart below
  2. Reach out to the leadership person who is connected to that area – phone, email, text or chat! They are ready to hear your heart and also guide your next step!

The Leadership Team is looking at the best way to reinforce this exploration, and in the coming days we expect to have some useful tools incorporated into the church website. In the meantime, give the two-step approach a try!

The Leadership Team