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The Necessity of Praise

This Sunday Holy Week begins, starting with Palm Sunday, the day that Jesus entered into Jerusalem as God’s king. Jesus comes as a King, but not as a Conquering King riding on a White War Horse; instead he enters Jerusalem on a humble donkey. Jesus enters as the King, but the humble, serving King who is giving his life for us, so that we might live. The King who deserves our heartfelt praise and coronation, comes to be the sacrifice, soon to be put on the cross as the atonement for our sins.

Amazing love, such a courageous act of compassion directed toward us who were separated from God by our sins. Never had the world seen (or will see) or experienced such great love, rich mercy directed to you and me, as the love of God in Jesus Christ. That is what the city of Jerusalem experienced on Palm Sunday 2,000 years ago. When the Pharisees heard the shouts to Jesus, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord,” they objected and attempted to shut down the people’s praise. Jesus replied if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.

Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem, his work in the coming days, MUST be praised. This is the greatest work in the universe, the grandest love possible. If we as people will not praise him, then the stones will raise their voices and PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! Let us be a people who shout praise to the Lord during this Holy Week. Join us Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter as we exalt the Lord for what he has done for us.

Pastor Dan