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A Note from Pastor Dan

Redeemer Covenant Church is excited to welcome our new senior pastor Dan Thompson and wife Debi who began ministry on August 8, 2022. Here’s a word from Pastor Dan as written for the weekly digital newsletter to the congregation on August 10:

May the Joy of the Lord Be Our Strength

It is good to begin the journey with you as your pastor! It is my privilege to be at Redeemer Covenant Church, seek the Lord, grow in his grace, and serve him together. I look forward to God’s leading in our ministry as we grow and go together by faith in our precious Savior Jesus Christ.

As we face the opportunities in ministry and the many challenges that the day and time in which we live present, it is easy to become discouraged and overwhelmed by what we face. It is crucial that we remember the words of our Lord in Nehemiah 8:10, “The joy of the Lord is our strength.”

In our ministry at Redeemer, may we be filled with this thought and saturated with God’s presence so that the Joy of the Lord is ours throughout all the trials, troubles and triumphs we face. We may have the Joy of the Lord and it is OUR STRENGTH in any and all situations.

I look forward to getting to know you and being your shepherd in the days ahead, as we serve the Lord with Joy together. Please pray for me that I will know God’s leading and direction, as I am praying for you as well. Oh, what a joy it is to serve our great and mighty God together!

Pastor Dan

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