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Baptism at Redeemer

Our precious Lord Jesus has given us several specific acts of obedience for us who are his disciples:

  1. We weekly meet together on Sunday for community worship and growth.
  2. On a monthly basis we share in the Lord’s supper during worship. This meal helps us remember and celebrate Jesus’ sacrificial and substitutionary death on the cross for us.
  3. One more act of obedience that Jesus has given to us is baptism.

In baptism, we are joining our Savior in his death, burial and resurrection. Through baptism we are buried with Jesus Christ when we are lowered fully into the water, then raised to life with him when we are brought back up out of the water. In baptism, we have a clear identification with Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.

Furthermore, baptism is an opportunity for believers in Jesus to publicly declare their faith in Christ and demonstrate God’s grace at work in their lives, while the body of believers at Redeemer joins in celebration of God’s marvelous work.

Our baptism services are open to anyone who has not yet been baptized, has confessed their sin, has put their living faith in Jesus Christ and now desires to follow him. If you are a disciple of Jesus and have not been baptized, please talk with me or the church office. We would love to help you obey Christ in this way.

Pastor Dan