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The Benefits of Praising God

I came across this insightful reflection by “Haly” and wanted to share this edited version with you as we have been studying worship and praise on Sunday mornings (January 7-February 25, 2024).

God deserves all our praise because of his greatness and his works. But we might not fully understand or realize what the benefits of praising God are.

  1. Your Strength will be Renewed
    Life can be hard, and the Christian life challenging. At times we are left vulnerable by the issues of life. When we praise God, he renews us in our inner being.
  2. God’s Presence in our Lives
    You want to be close to God and follow his leading in everything you do. Take time to praise God for who he is – for his love, faithfulness and mercies. When our focus is on God and his praises, we realize and reap the benefits of his presence.
  3. Satisfies our Souls
    The things of this world are temporary; they, therefore, bring temporary pleasure. We were created to have a relationship with God and to enjoy intimacy with him. Our true fulfillment is achieved when we praise and worship God.
  4. Repels Depression
    When we focus on God and spend time in his presence every day, praising and loving him, we repel depression, find peace and joy in our hearts. If you’re struggling with depression, fear and anxiety, start praising God.
  5. Fulfills God’s Purpose for Us
    When we praise God, we are fulfilling the purpose he created us for. When we spend time praising God, we will feel more fulfilled in life.
  6. Increases our Faith
    Have you ever struggled to believe the promises of God? Have you doubted all the great things God says about you in his word? Praising God will increase your faith in such times. As we spend time praising God, we can recount the great things he has done in our life, which builds our faith.
  7. Focuses us on Eternity
    The Word of God tells us to focus on the things above. It is easy to get distracted by the things of this world. So how do we ensure that our minds stay on eternal things? By praising God. When we praise God, we shift our focus from our surroundings and ourselves to God.

We are not naturally drawn to praising God because of our sinful nature. That’s why it is essential for us to know the benefits of praising God.

Pastor Dan