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God’s Design for Diversity

Here’s a timely message from Amy Long, former Director of Children, Youth & Family Ministry at Redeemer – Black History Month gives us a unique opportunity to highlight and learn from Black voices of faith!

At Redeemer our vision is to be a Christ-centered, diverse community united by God’s redeeming love, growing together and going together. One way that we deepen our unity in diversity is by learning to listen to the voices of one another.

“Paying attention to Black history is one way to connect in concrete ways with African Americans in your community. African Americans have shown a deep love for country and indomitable spirit that was not broken by enslavement, rejection, or stereotypes. We must celebrate this spirit of freedom if we are to come together as a united church. February can be a significant time in which we reflect, seek each other’s presence, worship, and express gratitude for our life together. As people of faith active in our communities, we can make compacts to work together for justice—all year long.” (Leon Rodrigues, from Faith+Lead)

Resources for Your Children

Not sure where to start with your kids? Here’s a great blog post on equipping your children to understand God’s heart for diversity: 5 Books that Teach Kids about God’s Design for Diversity.